Friday, March 02, 2018

The Page Turners Book Club-Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa De Los Santos and David Teague

There was a bit of controversy in our book club about Saving Lucas Biggs.  I LOVED it and so did most of the girls, but my daughter HATED it. It made for a heated discussion, though I'm still not quite sure why she didn't like it.

I had read prior to choosing the book that it might be a bit confusing for younger readers because it flips back and forth between narrators and time periods (though it is clearly labeled at the beginning of each chapter).  My daughter is one of the youngest book club members, so maybe that's the reason?  I might avoid this one if your book club is mostly 4th graders.

Saving Lucas Biggs tells the story of Margaret, whose father has been sentenced to death for a crime she's convinced he didn't do.   By using the "family curse", she's able to travel back in time to find out if she can save her father and the town.

Here's the link to the book club lesson plan.

We were able to get through some of the discussion questions listed, but a lot of our meeting was spent on favorite characters and why people loved/hated the book.  I really want to read the other book that these two wrote together, Connect the Stars. 


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