Monday, March 05, 2018

The Page Turners Book Club (PLUS DADS)-Click Here To Start by Denis Markell

Back in January, the girls and I spent a few minutes going over our goals for book club this year.  What genres of books did they want to read?  Should we have any themed book club meetings?  Should we invite anyone else to join us?  It was decided to hold a father/daughter book club meeting and a mother/daughter book club meeting (that one is coming up in April).

It was a little terrifying asking a bunch of grown men to please read a middle grade novel, so I knew the pressure was on to find something they wouldn't roll their eyes at and would (hopefully) enjoy.  I read Click Here To Start and then handed it to Zak to have him read it and let me know what he thought.  He gave it two thumbs up and then headed off to the computer to look for online escape rooms to play. 

As one of the dads put it at our meeting this month, Click Here To Start is like Sherlock Holmes meets online escape rooms.  It is a quick read and full of twists and clues that the main character, Ted and his friends, Caleb and Isabel have to solve.  One of the girls compared this group of friends to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, which was a great text to text that I hadn't thought of before. 

A favorite part of this meeting (besides all the dads doing an awesome job of participating) was the dad/daughter book talk at the beginning.  They did a great job and then the dads/daughters in the group gave them a bunch of recommendations based off of their book talk.  So cool.  Maybe I should invite dads every month?  It's so good for kids to see their parents reading and I think it was really beneficial to have them join us.  Can't wait for mother/daughter book club in April. 

Here's the link to the lesson plan for Click Here to Start book club.

During our meeting we discussed the historical events that were brought up in this novel.  Mostly the Japanese Internment Camps, but also touched briefly on the Monument Men (p.s. if you have readers this age interested in the Monument Men, hand them Under the Egg).  If I was to plan this meeting again, I definitely would create a slideshow or something beforehand with pictures of the Japanese internment camps so it would be easier to visualize the living conditions.  Thank goodness one of the dads had visited the site of one of the camps last year and had several pictures on his iPad.  So interesting to see. 


Jaime said...

You're back! I just want you to know that you were missed. But no pressure. I would think of you every now and then (your blog was there, inactive, at the bottom of my feed list) and hope that all was well.

As for the book, I'm intrigued. Didn't know about online escape rooms. May have to share this with a few of the young ones in my life.

bethany said...

Jaime, I had no idea anyone even read or paid attention to the blog anymore! I fell off the face of the earth after Mabel came home and I've spent so much time at therapy and doctor's appointments with her. I have a goal to start writing again! Thanks for commenting! That means a lot!

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