Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Page Turners Book Club-May B by Caroline Starr Rose

The first month of book club, we read May B by Caroline Starr Rose.  I really try to expose the girls to a variety of books and genres.  This historical fiction novel is written in verse.  It has a strong female protagonist and reminded me a bit of a kid version of These Is My Words (a book I loved).

Here's the link to my lesson plan for the May B book club.  

We watched a video to see what a soddy looked like and spent the entire book club sitting on the floor in an area that was marked out the same size that a soddy would have been.  It really gave a cool perspective on how little room these homes were!

This book was a great jumping off point for book club because it was a quick read and super interesting/exciting.  The girls all loved it and started trusting my recommendations,  something that is pretty important if I'm the one picking the books each month!

I read about this too late, but apparently this author will do Skype visits for book clubs!  Here's the link if you want to try and snag one:


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