Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Page Turners Book Club-An Intro

When my daughter (a voracious reader) was about to enter 4th grade, I decided that I really wanted to start a book club for a bunch of girls in the neighborhood that also love to read.  It was partly for selfish reasons.  I happen to love middle grade literature and I love this age group (taught 6th grade for several years).  The fact that I was "forced" to spend more time researching and reading middle grade books??!?  Well, twist my arm.

I invited 8 girls to join us.  All of them in 4th-6th grade and all girls that I knew really liked to read.  The 4th grade girls were really strong readers, which I think is important to know-especially since the club also involves 6th graders. 

The format of every meeting is the same.  I assign one girl to do a book talk and one to bring a snack each month (I email this assignment when I send out the book pick the month before book club).

The schedule:
7-7:15pm  Book Talk-the assigned girl tells us about three books she recommends and then the other girls can spend a couple of minutes recommending books based on her likes that they think she would want to read. 

7:15-7:45pm Discuss book of the month. 

7:45-7:50pm Introduce book for next month

7:50-8pm  Eat snack provided by the assigned girl and "check out" new books from my home library.  I let each girl borrow two books at a time from my library (I own TONS of books).


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