Monday, March 05, 2018

The Page Turners Book Club-Click'd by Tamara Ireland Stone

Click'd is everything that's awesome about middle grade literature.  It was empowering, touched on how tough social interactions are during this stage of life, and showed a character dealing with a moral dilemma that was tricky.  And to top it off, the girl protagonist is heavily involved in coding.  YES. This is what I want girls to read about!

Allie creates an app at coding summer camp that she is certain is going to change how friendships are created AND win a competition.  Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned and her app begins causing more problems than she anticipated, both within her own friendships and around the school.   I just love that Stone has paired something that girls this age can completely relate to (friend drama) with something they probably don't read much about (coding apps).  So. Good.

Here's the link to the lesson plan for Click'd.  

Definitely the favorite part of the book club meeting was when I passed out the quiz (part of the lesson plan above) and had the girls play "Click'd" but without the app.  We figured out who would be first one everyone's board and it was just fun.  Sadly, none of the girls decided that they were going to rush home and start coding after they read this, but I'm hoping it planted a little seed that computer stuff isn't just for boys. 


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