Monday, March 05, 2018

The Page Turners Book Club-The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson

We skipped the month of November (book club is usually towards the end of the month and it was too hard to cram in a meeting after Thanksgiving with everything else my family had going on) and I assigned a short/quick book for December because our meeting was more of a party than a regular meeting.

Book Club Party:
I didn't assign a book talk for this month.  We spent a couple of minutes talking about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (which, by the way, is an AWESOME read aloud if you are ever looking for one.  Even adults will like this one as it's funny and touching).  I let the girls know that there is a made for tv movie based off it from the 80s and they should all find it and watch it over Christmas.  They were super excited.

First we did a book exchange.  Each of the girls were told to being a wrapped book.  It didn't need to be new (in fact I directed them to the local Goodwill which has an awesome selections) and they could even pull something off their shelves that they enjoyed.   It needed to be a good book they thought other girls would enjoy.  We then played an exchange game.  Each girl started with her own book in front of her.  Then I would read a line that described someone (example: pass the book to somebody blonde) and the girls would all pass it to a person that fit that description.  Sometimes one girl would end up with all the books in front of her that round, but I made sure that by the end of the exchange, each girl had one book in front of her.  It was really fun and I would highly recommend!  I got the little poems I used from this link but I didn't follow her rules to play the game (she has you unwrap a layer each round to find the next verse of the poem and I just had all of the girls play and I read out each line).

I then passed around a bucket with bookish questions in it and had the girl who drew the question answer it.  They were things like "what is the book you've read the most frequently?", "name one book you really can't stand",  and "what character in a book would you most like to be?" (most of the girls wanted to be Hermione and I don't blame them).  Here's the link to the questions to print off.

I had handpicked and purchased books for each of the girls (from Goodwill) that I knew they hadn't read it but thought they would each enjoy so passed those out and then we had our book club treat (I provided this-it was Christmas cookies).

I definitely plan on making every December a book club party month rather than the normal discussion.  Next year I'm thinking about doing a "blind date with a book" rather than picking out books specific to the girls.  We shall see.


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