Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Adventures in Austin

We've had a great Spring Break vacation in Austin (well, really Lago Vista) the past few days.  The weather has been FANTASTIC, which was great because I had planned a lot of outdoor activities for our crew.  Also, the condo complex we are staying in has an abundance of deer everywhere.  The kids have been trying to get near enough to pet them and have spread out deer corn every night for the deer to eat.  They have all been so fascinated by seeing deer so close.

One of the best parts of the trip was getting together with one of my roommates from college.  We went to her ward on Sunday and then had dinner at her house afterwards.  It's amazing that we have been friends for 20 years this fall!  Oh, the stories we could tell on each other.  :)

Other Highlights:
-Westcave.  Zak and I both loved this hike, but the kids both felt it was "too educational" (I need a rolling eye emoji here).  If you want to see both the Uplands and the Grotto (the cool part with the cave and waterfall), you have to go on a guided tour.  The guide was so knowledgeable and gave us a lot of really interesting information as we hiked, but we did stop a lot and have to stay with the rest of the group.  The kids got a little bored listening for the endangered bird nesting in the area. 
-Hamilton Pool.  Definitely going to be doing this again.  You have to make reservations (and they only take cash), but the hike to Hamilton Pool is super short (even small kids could walk it) and it was beautiful.  I'm sure it's fun to swim, but the water was about 55 degrees so we didn't attempt it.  We then hiked down to the Pedernales River (about 3/4 mile each way).  The big kids ran ahead of us most of the time and loved throwing rocks into the river and attempting to skip them across the water.

-Salt Lick BBQ. This was on our bucket list of restaurants after hearing lots of recommendations and it didn't disappoint.  The BBQ sauce was amazing.

-Via 313.  This used to just be a food truck, but there's now a brick and mortar restaurant as well.  Recommended by my roommate, Katie.  It's Detroit style pizza-I didn't even know that was a thing.  Deep dish with the red sauce on top.  This was delicious. Close to the best pizza I've ever had. 

-Zilker Park.  The Science and Nature Center at Zilker Park is pretty much always on our list of to-dos when we bring the kids to Austin.  Free, fun, animals, wading in a stream...

-The Capitol Building.  Storey said this was the worst part of the day for her, but the rest of us enjoyed getting to see where the Texas Senators and House of Representatives meet. Storey claims that Spring Break should include no education whatsoever.  But she rolled down a couple of hills and did some cartwheels so it wasn't all bad.


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