Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I'm not sure if this school year is going to be harder on Jakson or on me.   Mandy and I decided to have the kids ride the bus this year.  We live really really close to the school, so they are only on the bus for a few minutes.  Jak, Storey, and Grayden will all ride the bus together, which means that Jakson has the two most opinionated children on the bus sitting next to him.  Pretty sure no one will mess with him.


Yesterday was the first time the kids rode the bus.   As it pulled up, Jakson realized that he didn't have his water bottle with him.  He started to get very upset and I could tell that we were going to have a meltdown on our hands if I didn't fix it quick.  Normally I do let Jakson deal with natural consequences, but I didn't want the missing water bottle to ruin his day and possibly the whole bus experience.   Thankfully telling him that I would bring the water bottle to school for him did the trick to get him on the bus, but I didn't find out that he was okay until later in the day when the AP called to let me know he was fine.


When the kids got home, I asked them about the best and worst part of the day.  Jakson said that he had a very "irritating" part.  He explained that his teacher had written on the board to write 5 sentences with the prompt "If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?"   Anyone who knows Jakson well can definitely see where this is going.  He had some time before lunch/recess to write, but said he was just "thinking" the whole time.  Then he went up and told his teacher "I am not a fiction kind of person."  Yep.  I am definitely a pyschic because I had explained this would be a problem to his teachers and the IEP team just the day before.  Jakson is very concrete, any abstract  concepts, like writing prompts, are going to be pretty tough for him.

I was very proud of Jakson for coming up with a solution for the writing prompt.  After lunch he asked the teacher if instead of writing about himself having a superpower, he could write about someone else having a superpower.  Kind of like the time he hit my mother in law in the face for calling him Buzz Lightyear (this was several years ago), Jakson is only Jakson and doesn't want to pretend to be anything else.  So he changed the prompt to something he could mentally handle.  The teacher agreed to it and together they wrote one sentence, which he turned in.  I know this is going to be baby steps with him, but I was so happy that he didn't melt down or just sit and cry, but worked out a solution.


Vanessa said...

There are times I need to learn lessons like the one you just shared about Jakson thinking and coming up with a solution. We can learn so much from kids. Thank goodness we have them.

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