Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day 2015

We've had so many changes the past month-new sister, trip to China, new teachers, and, for Jak, a whole new school!

We were able to meet Jakson's teachers a week early to prep him a little bit and, frankly, to prep them as well.  He's nervous but excited (nervexcited) about school starting.  I know he's going to miss his old teachers and friends so much, but already we know of a good friend in his class at his new school.


Storey's teachers got switched at the last minute.  We met a couple of teachers at Meet the Teacher Friday morning, but received a call suggesting that a different set of teachers would be a better fit for Storey later that afternoon.  Thankfully, we were able to run over to the school to meet them.   Storey was still a little nervous about switching classes but was excited to see a friend in her homeroom.  Her teachers seem really loving and fun.
Storey and Ms. Moore

Storey will do great whatever class she is in.  When we met her teachers she said, "You know, I read high school books."   She is just a little bit confident in her skills.

These crazies found each other as we were walking into the school. Yay for the Kolmillions (the name these guys have given themselves-a combinations of our last names)!!

Jakson told me in the hallway as I walked him to class not to hold his hand.  Then when I was taking his picture at his desk he put his head in his hands and yelled, "Good grief!!"  Apparently I am an embarrassment.   This was his courtesy smile.  Mom, go away!


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