Saturday, August 22, 2015

Daily Mabel: Day #6


In an attempt to get Mabel to sleep, we've set up a modified co-sleeper by taking off one side of her crib (that's she's never slept in) and butting it up to the foot of our bed.  She wants to touch our face or hand while she falls asleep, wakes up several times during the night, and won't nap, so I'm hoping the new closeness will help.   At this point we are trying anything just so she will sleep.   We also purchased some black out curtains for our room today, but haven't had a chance to put them up.  Tonight she did fall asleep in her crib, but it took over an hour (an hour!!!).  Baby steps.  Lots of parents in the adoption community say it takes about six months for kids to get over their sleep issues after coming home.  I may be insane by then.



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