Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Daily Mabel: Day #3


We sent Mabel a care package a few months before we traveled to China. Included in the package was a little stuffed bunny that Storey picked out for her. We were told to buy an extra identical stuffed animal just in case we didn't get it back, so now Mabel has two bunnies. She's not really into stuffed animals or dolls quite yet (even toys are a little foreign to her), but she does like to give hugs to them. And whenever she gives anyone or anything a hug, she gets this little smirk on her face.


I love this little girl more than I could have ever imagined.



Vanessa said...

I have really enjoyed getting caught up on your blog. We are all excited to meet Darling Mabel! For that matter, my kids are excited to meet all their Criddle Cousins!

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