Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Daily Mabel: Day #2


We have been struggling with sleep since our arrival home.  Mabel doesn't want to sleep in her crib or in the pack n play.  Especially during the day.  It's been a major adjustment for me because I'm used to having some time to myself to clean or answer emails or eat lunch.  I'm essentially going backwards in stages (to the stage of not going to the bathroom alone) and having no naptime makes that even more difficult.   During the weeks in China, Mabel slept pretty well.   The past three or four days though she has started refusing to sleep unless she is touching my face and if she startles awake (happens often) and we aren't right there, she begins screaming inconsolably.   From articles I've read and other adoptive parent experiences, I have come to the conclusion that she is terrified we are going to disappear.   She has been abandoned twice in her very short life, so the fear is understandable.  It also means that she finally cares.  Of course it's wonderful progress, but the trauma that she's dealing with is truly heartbreaking.  



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