Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily Mabel #15


Today Mabel got her real cast.  It's bright purple.  Perfect for those family pictures we had planned for two weeks from now.  Thankfully she only has to wear it for three weeks so it will be off in time for our sealing.  The hard cast seems to have made crawling even more difficult.   I'm really hopeful that by the time she gets her cast off, she'll be so annoyed about the gimpy crawling that she'll decide to walk.


Blue Bell showed up in the grocery stores again today and of course we had to introduce Mabel.  Ice cream is cold but so good!  When her bowl ran out, she licked the drips off of her high chair tray.



Megan said...

I love her squishy cheeks. I am kind of obsessed with her little mini cast too!

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