Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily Mabel #13

We had a crazy day planned on Saturday.  Zak was helping someone move, we had a birthday party to attend across town, I had to pick up all my unsold clothes from a local consignment sale, Storey had auditions for Into The Woods, Jr,  Zak had a two hour church meeting, and then we had to get home in time to pick up a sitter and head out to a two hour church meeting that night.  CRAZY.  

Unfortunately, our day got exponentially crazier when Mabel toppled off the bed and broke her arm.  We dropped the kids off with my best friend and quickly drove down to the emergency room.  Poor baby screamed and cried the whole way-it was so heartbreaking and I felt so helpless.  When we arrived at the ER, the doctor told us that he was pretty sure that Mabel had broken her shoulder.    What a nightmare.  She was in so much pain during the xrays, but soon after they gave her some medicine (thank goodness).  Then she was super happy and acted like absolutely nothing was wrong, even playing peek a boo with her broken arm, despite Zak and I trying to make her hold still.

The doctor came in and told us that she just had a greenstick fracture in her forearm, much to our relief.  It's the most common type of break in children.  They bandaged her arm up like a mummy and sent us home.

Mabel started standing on her own last Wednesday! Today's the first day it's lasted long enough for me to take a picture.

I am so grateful to have such amazing friends.  Without notice, I dropped the kids off and my friend Mandy didn't blink an eye.  She then put Storey's hair up IN A STAR and arranged for another friend to take Storey to her little audition.  Above and beyond.  Because she's amazing, she also ran through Storey's song and monologue several times.  My friend Emily picked her up and took her to her audition, where she and another friend, Sarah, cheered Storey on.  They were incredible and did a better job of being Storey's stage mom than I ever could have.  I can't even being to express how blessed I felt knowing that while we were sitting in the ER, my other kids were taken care of.

After getting home from the ER, we decided to go ahead and attend our evening church meeting and take Mabel along (the plan originally since we aren't leaving her with babysitters yet).  We quickly discovered that almost nothing fit over Mabel's mummy arm though.  The only thing I found was a strappy dress I would normally have her wear with a cardigan.   Storey was horrified that we would dress Mabel so immodestly.  She said, "Are you really going to let Mabel go out like that???"  I can't wait until Storey's a teenager and we can repeat that sentiment back to her. 


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