Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sing it loud.

Storey's birthday is the day after we get home from China.  Needless to say, we will not be doing much celebrating.  I hope we will be sleeping instead.  I gave her the choice to have her family party/presents/cake now or wait until we'd be home a couple of weeks.  Like any red blooded kid, she chose now.  Because who doesn't want to get presents early???!?

Dad always trying to be the center of attention.

I found a little tutu/leotard get up at a thrift shop a couple of months ago and she put it on today, declaring it her party outfit.  But she added a half tee underneath the leotard to keep it modest, though I'm not sure how her lack of pants achieves that goal.  She's a rare kid.

After opening all of her other presents, Grandma and Grandpa won the day by giving her my old karaoke machine.  Zak spent the rest of the evening with PTSD (his older sister had a similar contraption and for some reason his parents were crazy enough to let her take it on road trips and sing in the van!!!), but Storey was in heaven.   I've noticed a trend with the gifts my parents give the kids.  First a plastic drum, cymbals, maracas set and now this.  I think they want us to go deaf....or insane.   I'm not sure what I ever did to them.   I was a perfect child.

Storey has announced that she will be performing at all upcoming family get togethers and Pie Night.  So yeah....we may have a lot less guests this year.  You've been warned.


Vanessa said...

This post is hilarious in so many ways. I don't know what I should be praying for more--Mable to adjust to her new family, or for you to survive Storey's new obsession :)

Crystal said...

I'm sure Ashlyn will be joining her at family events- if she's allowed lol... Then in a few years- Mabel! It'll be a trio! :D

curtis03 Lewis said...
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