Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The miracle of the hotel room.

Posts are always better with pictures of cute babies. 

Zak and I are not credit card people, but after reading thread after thread with the suggestion to get the Marriott credit card to pay for our hotel rooms in China, we did extensive research and signed up.    Dave Ramsey would not be proud, though we do pay it off every month and will be canceling it as soon as we get back from our trip.  In the end, it is going to save us roughly $1500-$2000 in hotel costs while in China.  Can't pass up a great deal like that!

Also using advice from other adoptive parents, once we received our LOA and kind of knew the timeline that we would be traveling, I reserved two different weeks with points in the hotel we were going to be staying the longest (in Guangzhou) and that books up the quickest (all adoptive families have to visit Guangzhou).  We really wanted an executive suite because there will be 5 of us and China hotel rooms are notoriously small.   I tried to reserve three different weeks (because we aren't exactly sure when we are traveling), but the other week I wanted didn't have the "executive suite with points" option available, meaning it had probably already filled up.   I didn't think much of it because I figured that particular week was probably too early for us to travel.

Fast forward a month and with our medical expedite turned in, I decided to check the earlier week for points rooms again.   It wasn't an option to book, so I went ahead and reserved a regular room,  still thinking it probably wasn't likely that we would travel that week anyway.

A few days later, our medical expedite was accepted, making the earlier week for travel a reality.  In fact, it made it the most likely week we would be traveling.   I resigned myself to being cramped in a teeny tiny room instead of a nice big suite for the week.

But something made me check the Marriott site again.  And when I say "something" I mean, I woke up in the middle of the night the day before we received our Article 5 pickup with the thought to check the site again in the morning.  I almost didn't do it because I kind of thought it would be useless.   I followed the prompting anyway and checked the site the next day.   I was shocked to find that the executive suite was available to reserve for the dates I needed!  Quickly, I reserved it and then did a little cheer. 

It may be something small, but it was pretty important to me (especially for the older kids who may be stuck in a room with a screaming little sister for two weeks and this will give them some extra space).  God knew it and gave us the miracle of the hotel room.   Because He cares about the details.


Sharon said...

All of these posts make me so happy! I agree that God is in the details and that when we need it most, He gives us signs over and over that He loves us and cares about us. Thanks for sharing!

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