Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The day God gave me a stroller AND a crib

The lesson that stands out to me the most from this adoption experience:  God is in the details.

Even down to the cribs and the strollers.

A couple of years ago, I got rid of our strollers (except for an extra large stroller that doubles as a bike trailer).  We need a stroller for our trip to China, but I'm pretty picky about this stroller.  It needs to fold like an umbrella stroller, but not BE an umbrella stroller, must have an awning that Jakson can hide under (he is terrified about all of the people that want to take his picture), must have large enough wheels that it can handle gravel, have a basket big enough to store a diaper bag plus, and can't cost over $150 new...like I said, picky.  I watched a ridiculous amount of stroller review videos on YouTube (for some reason Storey watched them with me, though I don't understand the appeal) and I finally narrowed it down to two models and began my search on Craiglist (picky AND cheap).  I found the perfect stroller, contacted the owner, talked down the price, and arranged to meet her. 

Two seconds into our meeting (the stroller is perfection by the way), we figured out that we were both adopted (she was adopted from Japan) and she and her husband have been discussing adopting from China for several months, but just didn't know how to move forward.  See what I mean about God being a part of this???!?  We had such a fabulous conversation.  She mentioned how selling the stroller to me, of all people, was meant to be.  And I couldn't agree more. 

After meeting up with her, Zak and I took a load of donations over to CAM (a local thrift shop).  Since I was there, I ran into their furniture store to look around for a minute and right inside was a folding crib exactly like the one I was planning on buying on Amazon for $149 (I took pictures of all the clients at Jakson's therapy clinic a couple of months ago and they sent me a generous Amazon gift card as a thank you).   Only $20!!  I told Zak that God provided that crib.  It was amazing!  We bought it, brought it home, and it fits PERFECTLY in the corner of Storey's room, just as I hoped.  Because I only paid $20 for it, I don't feel bad painting it yellow to match Storey's bed (did I mention it was only $20????).  Eventually I'll post an after picture.  First, I need to get around to painting it.  Trying to delegate that job to Zak.

As soon as I got home, I texted my friend Sabrina the picture of this crib and how we found it (we'd been discussing cribs recently) and she wrote back with "That is totally a God thing!" Amen, my friend. 


Leanna said...

awesome!!! this makes me so happy

Shannon said...

Great God stroy. What stroller brand and model btw?

Shannon said...

Great God stroy. What stroller brand and model btw?

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