Wednesday, April 08, 2015

One year older

Jakson is turning 9 in a week.  I feel like he was just born and spitting up all over my dad at Zak's graduation yesterday, and yet instead he's a tall and lanky and tells ridiculous jokes (Zak read this and commented that Jak is not actually very tall, but I explained that he is taller than he was when he was a baby.  So there.).


Jakson has been seeing a really great speech therapist for the past few months. They've been working on telling stories and understanding abstract language, like idioms and sarcasm. She's even been working on his joke telling (much needed).

On the way home from Scouts on Tuesday, Jakson expressed some concern about becoming a Bear next week.   He's a little worried because there's a boy who apparently uses a lot of "potty language" like fart and poop. He said to Zak, "Dad, I'll just feel like a fish out of water!"  Ha!  Good use of an idiom.

We are going to celebrate his birthday by going to dinner at his requested restaurant...Cracker Barrel. Breakfast for dinner.  Definitely his father's son.  

I love this boy so much and can't imagine our family without him.  He's such a sweet, kind, happy kid.  We're a lucky family.


lynette said...

Happy Birthday, Jakson!

Megan said...

Happy belated birthday Jakson! I love you so much and am so happy I get to e a part of your family!!

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