Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Soccer Stars


I was so excited when Jakson decided that he wanted to play soccer this season.  He had such fun last year.  Zak volunteered as his coach again and ended up with about five other boys from the ward on the team as well.  It's great because it's a very safe environment for Jak to play with his dad and friends around him (and Zak is amazing for dealing with a bunch of kids who don't listen to him).


Storey also decided that she wanted to play soccer.  In fact, she chose soccer over ballet!  We have a family rule about not committing to more than two activities per kid, so Storey had to make a choice. Honestly, I was a little worried about Storey playing soccer (well, any sport).  I thought she might stand on the field and cry every time a ball came near, but instead she plays full body contact soccer.   In fact, she goes into what some of the other parents refer to as "beast mode": she runs screaming after the ball and scares everyone out of her path.   She doesn't need a cheer to remember to "Be Aggressive!"

She does occasionally still stop to hug or talk to one of her "besties" also on the team (this picture is with Emme). I mean, she is still Storey after all.


I'm grateful for the way my kids continue to surprise me...and that she stops the ball by literally laying on top of it when she is goalie.   Free entertainment on a Saturday morning. 


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