Saturday, March 07, 2015

Annual Christmas Present Post

We try to make sure the kids don't get too spoiled at Christmas, but have decided not to stick to "three gifts for Christmas" because it's the only time the kids get anything, besides birthdays, unless they buy it themselves with chore money. And I like to throw in things I was going to buy them anyway (like shoes and underwear), because I just really love wrapping stuff.   It's so relaxing.   I don't like to put a huge emphasis on Santa though, so he only brings one gift each year (usually the big gift).

The "big" gift this year from Santa was a Kindle Fire for each kid. They also got bikes (new to them), some games, a couple of movies, and some great gifts from aunts and grandparents. 

Obviously, Storey also got an Anna dress and her much wished for microphone.


It's amazing how different the kids look from year to year in these present pictures.

Jakson's "wished for" gift was a remote control helicopter.  He had three things on his list for Santa on Christmas Eve but as he went to bed, he asked Zak to cross out everything but "remote control helicopter" (because Santa only brings one gift).  Thankfully, Mom came through! 


Vanessa said...

Do they still play with/enjoy their gifts? How do they like their kindles?

bethany said...

They love their Kindles. They are Kindle Fires, so have great parental controls on them as well as games, etc.

Storey is still learning to ride a two wheeled bike, so that gift isn't being used as much, but they are still enjoying their other gifts!

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