Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Home again, home again

My in-laws have been serving a mission in Germany for the past two years.   It's been tough having them so far away and we have really missed them, but are so proud of the service that they have been doing.   They got back in the middle of January and we were able to go to Utah on a much anticipated trip to greet them.  The kids were excited about Grandma and Grandpa but possibly even more for the snow.

A week before our trip, we had our normal "practice the trip FHE."  We have to act everything out before we actually do it around here. 

Our flight left super late in the night. Storey gets louder and louder the more tired she gets (in an attempt to keep herself awake). As we went through security, Storey had a running conversation with herself (loudly) about how we weren't bad people, and why do we have to scan our stuff since we definitely don't have any guns in our luggage, we don't even own any guns??? Thankfully, the TSA guy was very amused by her and did not just arrest us all on the spot.

The first couple of days, we hung around Salt Lake, ate Cafe Rio (worth the price of the plane ticket), went shopping at Utah only stores, and spent an evening at the Bean Museum.
utah3 DSC_3276edit
Keeping with Vermillion tradition, we all had matching shirts for the homecoming.  On Friday, we headed to the airport with our signs, shirts, and enthusiasm.  You can definitely tell that all of these guys are related.  Crazy and more crazy.
utah2 DSC_3305bw DSC_3319edit
Everyone got emotional as Peggy and Steve came into view. What a fabulous moment.
It was so wonderful to get to spend a couple of days one-on-one with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm sure they were SO tired, but hung out with us anyway. We saw "Meet the Mormons" at the Joseph Smith building, had lunch at Blue Lemon, and stayed up late to talk.

I'm so lucky to have such amazing in-laws.

Funny kid stories:
While we were in the Joseph Smith Memorial building, we passed this statue of Joseph Smith.  Jakson's comment: Joseph Smith must have really liked golf!!
A stop in Provo to eat at India Palace. The owner came over to talk to us and Storey asked him if he has a Facebook page because she wanted to leave a review about how much she liked the curry. Also she asked if he took tips because he deserved a big tip for the great food.


Megan said...

Love all the pictures!!! I am so glad that you are the responsible one in family that documents all the craziness around here. P.S. I love your kids. Come back to Vegas!

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