Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adoption Update

I haven't been writing about our adoption lately mostly because there's not a whole lot to report.  Unless you like to read lengthy descriptions of paperwork that we've had to fill out.

I didn't think so.

We are finally getting past the paper chase (as it's called) and are now in a position to start really looking at files of children in China.  There's still a long road to go- we will be matched with a child (undetermined amount of time), then have the match approved by China (which often takes 5-6 months), get travel approval (another 1-2 months) and then head over to China to pick up our little one.

But rather than think about how far we have to go, I'd rather focus on how far we've come!

By the way, you'll see the word "dossier" repeated several times below.  Dossier is another word for "more paperwork than you needed to secure your last home mortgage."

Made the decision (after lots of prayer) to adopt from China: August 10, 2014
Contacted and interviewed several agencies: August 11-15, 2014
Agency approval: August 22, 2014
First agency fees paid: September 2, 2014
Fingerprints for home study: October 17, 2014
Finished parent training: October 23, 2014
Home study completed: November 7, 2014
Fingerprints for immigration approval: December 17, 2014
Immigration approval:  January 9, 2015
Immigration approval in our hands: January 21, 2015 (a GREAT birthday present!)
Finish getting everything notarized for the dossier: February 3, 2015
Walk everything into the State Department (in Austin) to be certified for dossier: February 4, 2015
Take everything to the Chinese Embassy in Houston to be authenticated for dossier: February 6, 2015
 Dossier received at agency along with another agency fee and the CCCWA fee: February 23, 2015
I'm just hoping that China really loves the picture of Zak (above).   Hey, even bureaucrats need a little laugh now and then, right???

Now our dossier is going to be bound and translated into Chinese, then sent to China.  We will receive an LID (log in date) once our paperwork is accepted into the system by the Chinese government. Hopefully that will happen in the next 3-4 weeks.

As for a match, we have looked at files of a couple of children, but nothing feels right yet.  It's quite daunting.  Unlike other adoptions, where the birth mother chooses the family, or a baby is placed in your arms, sight unseen, we actually CHOOSE the child.  Because we are adopting through the Waiting Child program, this can happen one of two ways.

ONE:  We receive a referral through our agency of a child that matches our medical checklist (we filled this out with our original agency application), review her file (though medical files included may be 18 months old or more), and decide that she's ours....or not (we've been warned this way may take about 12 months)

TWO: We find a child through one of several advocacy sites.  We request her file, have it reviewed (again medical files included may be 18 months old or more), and decide if we want to lock that file.  This option can take much less time.

Either way, because so little information is included and much of it is old or incomplete, this is not a LOGICAL decision.  It will all be based on faith and guidance by the Lord.

In other words, pray for us. 


Cam said...

You guys are so awesome - what a fascinating process! Can't wait to meet this new little one.

Megan said...

I am so excited for you guys! I seriously can't believe how much you have already been completed already in this process! You will be in our prayers and hopefully everyone from here on out goes smoothly.

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