Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Pie Night


Every year, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we hold our annual Pie Night. This was our third annual Pie Night and the biggest one yet (helps that we have a house that is twice the size of our old one). There were around 80 people enjoying good company (it was so loud, but the good, happy kind of loud) and over twenty-five pies.  Definitely one of my favorite traditions.

Pie Night is great because it doesn't take much prep work on my part.  I just provide the venue,  Zak makes a couple of pies (his famous cherry pie is always a hit), and everyone brings a pie.  The most difficult part is letting go of my normal issues about kids acting crazy in my house.   Somehow we have managed to get away without any major injuries or broken bones, a fact that never fails to surprise me.  At one point I caught the kids upstairs having a pool noodle war and shutting themselves in the lockers. Ahhh! 


I am so thankful for all of the amazing friends that we have here. We are surrounded some of the most generous, supportive, funny, and thoughtful people I've ever met.  Lucky lucky us.



lynette said...

It was a fun and delicious night! Thanks for inviting us!

bethany said...

Lynette- I'm so glad you guys came! And I just discovered your blog and you haven't written for two years! guess I'll just have to read about your life two years ago :)

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