Sunday, November 16, 2014

Space Cadet

Jakson wrestling with the big trash can at the old house earlier this year.

Jakson's struggles with listening and following directions.  It's always been this way, but seems to be getting worse as he gets older.  Last week he forgot to bring his lunchbox home from school.   The next morning Zak packed his lunch in a plastic grocery bag and handed it to Jakson saying, "this is your lunch."  Jakson promptly trotted out to the trashcan by the front curb and dropped his lunch in.  About a minute later, the garbage truck came by, emptied the trash can into the truck, and drove off.

A few minutes later, as Zak and Jakson walked out to the car, he noticed that his lunch was missing but could not figure out what had happened to it.  Zak searched all over the house.  Finally Jakson realized that he had thrown it away and started screaming that we needed to chase the truck down and get it back.  No way I was digging it out of the back of that truck.

Unfortunately, we only have two plastic sandwich containers for each kid.  One he left at school in his lunchbox and the other he had just thrown away.  The only option left was Storey's pink princess sandwich container.   And we all know how Jakson loves princesses.  A fitting punishment.   


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