Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney World Day Two


September 23, 2013
The plan was to spend the entire day at Epcot doing all of the rides and then visiting the countries.

We started with Sum of All Thrills because I had read that the line got crazy quick (no fast passes).  Jakson had watched the ride a bunch of times online (you design your own roller coaster) and it was his number one pick at Disney World.    By the time we got to the actual ride though, he had changed his mind and didn't want to go on it after all.   Too bad.  Zak took him on it anyway.   He ended up designing a roller coaster that went perfectly straight the entire time.  BORING.   At least he did it.


Next we went on Test Track (such a fun ride and have added a "design your own car" feature since I was there last). It was a fan favorite.


Unfortunately, after riding just a few rides and brunch at Sunshine Seasons (not that great, especially compared to other options in Epcot), it began to rain.  As in downpour.  It ended up raining from noon until seven, when we finally decided it was too miserable and left.   We were drenched.

We did get to fit in a little photo session with some of our favorite characters.

We ate fish and chips in the pouring rain-that was the food highlight of the day.  After some warm baths and showers, we had dinner at Pop Century, something I do not recommend if you are looking for a good meal.

After dinner, we dried out all of our shoes with hairdryers and watched a little Disney channel in the hotel room.

Favorites of the day
Storey: Captain EO (???)  and Test Track
Jakson:  Test Track and Ellen's Energy Adventure.
Zak: Space (inside the ball) and Test Track
Beth: Test Track and Space, although my favorite ride at Epcot is The Land-I love all of the gardens


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