Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Disney World Day Three


September 24, 2013
Tuesday we spent the day in Magic Kingdom.  It was still raining a little so we had the place to ourselves most of the morning.

I had done so much research about Disney World online and had read about families chosen to be First Family.  It's difficult to be chosen and you have to be in line WELL before the park opens.  Matching shirts help too.   I put it on my bucket list.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to the park early enough to be chosen.  But it's still on my bucket list.  Someday.

The first thing we did was go to Fairytale Hall to meet Storey's beloved princesses.  There are two areas in Fairytale Hall and different princesses on each side.  The park was so empty that we were able to just walk up to meet all of the princesses.  Storey was in heaven.  Jakson hid behind Zak the whole time.
daythree4 daythree5

The morning was spent in Fantasyland.  Much to Jakson's chagrin, we also met Ariel and Belle. He did really well, but princesses are still not his favorite.


One of my very favorite sights at the parks is little Storey's arms above her head on the roller coasters.


For lunch, we had reservations for the Beast's castle. The food was so-so, but the castle itself was amazing. Each room was designed exactly like the movie. It was amazing. 


In Tomorrowland, Storey was such a horrible driver that she almost threw herself out of the car.

Aladdin's Magic Carpets

The highlight of my day was beating Buzz Lightyear.  I got the highest score you can possibly get.  The Buzz Lightyear ride is much more exciting at Disneyland (the guns are attached to the car at WDW, making it not so much fun).  I had read several tips on high scores online and tried a couple out.  Well, they worked!  Unforunately, it meant that I had nothing to do for the majority of the ride because once you reach the high score, you just sit there.  But I beat Zak....and that's really all that matters.

For dinner we went to Gaston's Tavern (to keep up the Beauty and the Beast theme for the day).  Turkey legs and Lefrou's brew.  Pretty good!

Jak was bugging his sister, so I told him that there are corners to stick a nose in anywhere we go.  

I really love Magic Kingdom and bad weather days (at least the ones that don't soak us).  No crowds, no lines, and great fun.  I think we went on almost everything once and watched the fireworks while we walked from empty ride to empty ride.


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