Friday, September 27, 2013

Disney World Day Six

September 27, 2013

After leaving the hotel, we went to Hollywood Studios to ride Great Movie Ride again for Storey.  Not my favorite ride in the park.  I'm still not quite sure why she likes it so much.  Of course, we also rode Toy Story Mania.    We read some "hidden tricks" about the ride and tried them out.  Hand/eye coordination is not one of my talents, but Zak had the highest score of the hour, which he was quite proud of (still not as awesome as me beating the Buzz Lightyear ride).

Storey told him that she's learned a valuable lesson that he should learn too.  "It doesn't matter if you win or not just that you are together with your family and having fun."   Sound advice.  I wonder where she heard it?

We also bought souvenirs.   The kids had been scouring the gift shops all week to figure out exactly what they wanted to use their souvenir budget ($20) on.   Jakson decided to get a light saber and Storey got a Sleeping Beauty music box.


With our meal credits, we got couple more kids power packs to take on the plane home.

After Hollywood Studios, we drove over to Epcot to try and make up for drenched Monday.  Zak and I really wanted to try some of the stands at the Food and Wine Festival that we had been savings our snack credits for.    Had Moroccan food again (so delicious) and then went around to the various country food carts to look at the menus.   We settled on mussels at New Zealand, a lettuce wrap at South Korea and chicken curry at Singapore.  All were fabulous.  Zak says he wants to make sure we go back again during the Food and Wine Fesitval.

After eating our way around the world, we did another Agent P’s mission, this time in Mexico.  I love that they've set the missions up for kids-they are pretty cool and worth doing at least one.

Then we went over and rode some of the rides we'd missed previously: The Land,  Soarin’, Nemo, and Talk to Crush.   Jakson had a meltdown about Talk to Crush.  I will probably never understand why, but Zak finally just took him out so he wouldn't disturb everyone else.   Despite some hesitation, both kids really liked Soarin'.  I hope this means they will go on it at Disneyland next time.  We also went to the American Inventor show.  The pre-show was an amazing singing group that  I thoroughly enjoyed.

Storey and Mary Poppins. 
Jakson’s two biggest meltdowns this week and revolved around Hall of the Presidents and the American Experience show.   We joked that apparently he doesn't like patriotism.  Not surprisingly, they were also the two attractions that we didn't watch on YouTube before hand.  When will I ever learn??? 

For dinner, we went back over to the World Showcase to the Kringla bakery for dinner. Great value and really good food. We shared a sandwich, salad, and a dessert for one meal credit!   I almost wish we would have gone over to Epcot for every meal.  The food was so much better than any of the other parks.

That night we watched Illuminations.  Not my favorite night show, but a good ending to our trip.


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