Thursday, September 26, 2013

Disney World Day Five

September 26, 2013

We'd had so many late nights that we decided to sleep in Thursday morning.  Then we headed over to Magic Kingdom. It was open late, which we have discovered translates to: less people.   We planned to stay from about noon until 10pm to see the Electrical Parade.  

So glad we did--the Electrical Parade was awesome because we were practically the only people on the route. Storey got to wave to every character and they either blew her kisses or waved back. Alice in Wonderland even asked what her favorite color was from the float.  A lot of individual attention. Highly recommend going to the later one.  Next time we go to Disney World, we will definitely be doing that again.

Before leaving the hotel that morning, we had written a list of all of the rides that everyone liked the best and a list of all the attractions/rides we hadn’t done yet.   We were able to experience EVERYTHING from our lists.  Some we even did twice.  Because we'd already done just about everything, I didn't lug my big camera around. 

IMG_1117edit Jakson's number one vote: Barnstormer

We did the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor twice because Storey had to leave to go to the bathroom halfway through and missed the show (we had to step out of the same line earlier in the week for a bathroom break as well.  Diapers at Disney are so tempting).   I loved that show-so well done and different each time.  Saw Mickey’s Philharmagic again as well.

Pooh Bear ride (Storey's vote).  Jak was sick of me taking pictures.  They love the fact that they can ride Pooh Bear, without mom and dad.  Or as Storey puts it, "while mom and dad make out."  She knows us so well.

We also met some of the characters we had missed earlier in the week.  Jakson was pretty much over characters, but Storey can't ever get enough.


Right before the parade, we got in line to meet Tinkerbell.  Jakson + princess type characters = meltdown.  We promised him that he wouldn't have to look at or talk to the fairies.  As we were walking out of the character meet, Tinkerbell shouted "hello" to him.  This infraction did not sit well.  He was very angry and upset with us because we had PROMISED.   A meltdown ensued.   Can't win 'em all.  Storey spent half of that particular character meet crying because she didn't want to meet Tinkerbell's friend Terrace, just Tinkerbell.  This is what we refer to as a "first world problem."



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