Thursday, May 01, 2014

Nerf Party

My kids only get "friend" parties every other year.  Which means that for two full years they get to dream up one thousand different obscure ideas.  Jakson was convinced that a Wii party would be totally awesome.  Drawbacks to this idea: our TV is tiny and we only have two Wii remotes and it would end up a crowded, slightly boring disaster (watching people play video games is one notch more boring than actually playing them).  I knew I was going to have to come up with the most excellent idea ever to deter him from his video game dreams.

Enter Nerf party.  The only theme that trumped the Wii.

Before the party, we took the obligatory cake pictures.  As we all know, I am not a cake decorator and you will never find this cake on Pinterest....but he loved it and that's all that really matters.  I was able to cover up most of my mistakes with M&Ms.  Just like white out.  Except tastier (though I have not, in fact, eaten white out).   In case you can't tell, it's supposed to be a target with a Nerf bullet in the middle.
Many of the boys coming to the party were from Jak's school (his "autism friends" as he calls them), so I knew that sitting around listening to a book or sitting still would not work on the party itinerary.  I had to keep things fast paced.  As the boys came in, they worked on cutting out and putting together a robot I printed off the Hasbro site here.  We used it later for target practice.

After the party goers arrived, we went on a scavenger hunt to find the Nerf guns (that I bought on sale so each boy would have the same gun) and carrying belts that I made out of felt and bias tape that I had in the house.  They were basically felt envelopes big enough to hold their little Nerf guns and ammo.  The clues for the scavenger hunt were wrapped around Nerf darts (so they were fairly easy to spot).  The clues were things like "Do 10 jumping jacks, can you do one more?  Look for a clue on the back door."  I know what you are thinking.  I should write clues for a living.   One clue even required the boys to look at it in the mirror to figure it out because it was written backwards.  Oooohhhhh.

All the party people eventually found their supplies and we started "training."  I had three different stations set up for target practice.  One with little army men to knock over, another with stacked cups, and one with Duplos in towers (this was a little more difficult and some of the kids gave up at this station).
After their initial training, we practiced going incognito.   The boys each had to put on a crazy disguise, run to the fence to shoot a target, run back, and tag the next person in line.  It was a lot of hilariousness (and made for awesome pictures).
Then it was on to the obstacle course. The boys had to crawl through pool noodles, shoot a target, slide down the slide and shoot a target, and then shoot a dart through hula hoops hanging from the swing set (not pictured).
Cake! I love that all of the boys are trying to blow out the candles with Jak.
And the traditional pinata and candy.   Boys hitting things. 
These little friends have been so great to Jakson. I'm so grateful that he has them. 

After the party was over, we had a little family (and Kolbaba) party.  Jakson opened his gifts and we ate the leftover cake.  He got some new swimming goggles (can't go in the water without them), a science book, and a Rubix cube from Grandma and Grandpa Criddle, some fun pool toys from his friend Tyson, and several gifts I can't remember from us. 
Jakson wanted to eat at "the place where people do tricks" for his birthday dinner. It took us two weeks to figure out he meant a hibachi grill.  This picture is the epitome of my children.  Despite their faces, they did enjoy it and Jak gorged himself on fried rice.


Megan said...

The "incognito" pictures of the boys are hilarious! Looks like everyone had tons of fun. Good idea Beth!

Jesina Nipa said...

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