Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Highlight of my week

After turning eight, Jakson was given the new chore of mowing the lawn. 

Well, mowing a small fraction of the lawn.  

Unfortunately, the lawn mower is both bigger and heavier than Jak and tends to lurch forward, sort of dragging him behind.  Also, he is easily distracted.  This past week he spent half of the time trying to mow quickly away from a dragonfly he thought was going to bite him.  Talk about erratic driving.  And a swervey lawn.

Watching him mow his little portion is one of the most entertaining thirty minutes of my week.

DSC_7722edit DSC_7721edit DSC_7716edit

I can't believe he's big enough to mow the lawn.  He was a tiny baby just a few minutes ago.


Vanessa said...

He is growing up too fast!

Anne said...

He will grow big and strong mowing that lawn.

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