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Storey spends two years planning her birthday parties (in fact, she has already informed me that her next party, in two years, will be spa themed.  Because "it's just so girly.  Spas are all about girls, Mom" Can you tell she just attended an amazing spa party for a friend yesterday?).  She changes her mind several times, understandably since it's a long time, but once she discovered the boot pinata last spring at Hobby Lobby, she was committed to a cowgirl party.    With lots of pink.  And her favorite boots. 

Texas is really rubbing off on her (though she doesn't say "y'all" or listen to country music....yet).

Thankfully a cowgirl party turned out to be an easy one to put together.  I found lots of great game ideas online, made a couple of purchases from Oriental Trading company, and, of course, got the coveted boot pinata that started it all.  The party was a big hit with the eight little girls.  Across the board, the favorite activity was the General Store---they love to shop already.


As the girls came in, they were each given a pink felt cowgirl hat and were directed to a table spread with all kinds of glittery and jeweled stickers (aka: bling) to decorate their hats.   In retrospect, I would have checked to make sure the jewels were going to stick well and maybe opted for foam hats instead.  They stayed on fine for the party, but Storey's have since started falling off.  The whining.  Oh, the whining.


They also each got a "wallet" that I made of cardstock.  Throughout the party, the girls earned play money (Party City( from the activities that they added to their wallets.   By the end of the party, each girl had about 12 bills she could use for shopping at the General Store.

The first game we played was Bingo.  It was anticlimactic.  I accidentally printed off eight of the exact same Bingo board.  Oops.   I printed it from here (there are several different boards to print so your game is more interesting).

Storey requested "Pin the tail on the donkey."  Originally I was going to make a fancy horse poster, but I have more important things on my plate so bought a poster at Party City for two bucks.  I'd like to pat myself on the back for that one.

DSC_7776edit DSC_7780edit

Storey is obsessed with balloons, so every year on her birthday she wakes up to pink balloons all over her room.  But then the balloons just hang out for weeks and travel to all of the other rooms in the house and there are tears when they pop and so on.  I figured the best way to fix all that was a rousing game of Pop the Pig.  I turned on some princess music (cowgirls like princess music) and they went to town popping the balloons.  Some girls jumped on them, some sat and bounced, some squeezed them with their arms until they popped.....but ALL of them covered their ears the whole time.  It was very entertaining to watch.  

DSC_7815edit DSC_7827edit

After the games, the girls strung together cowgirl bead necklaces (kits from Oriental Trading Co).  Six year old girls are so silly.  They told a lot of ridiculous jokes and giggled.   At one point "Let it Go" started playing and they all started singing at the top of their lungs. 

DSC_7840edit DSC_7843edit

Next was the highlight of the party: shopping at the General Store using the money they earned from all of the games.  Some of the items for "sale" were gumballs, suckers, wands, silly straws, pencils, and plastic rings.  The favorite purchase was definitely little diner notepads (like they use at restaurants to write down orders), found at Party City for 25 cents each.  The girls were so excited to play pretend with them. 

DSC_7857edit DSC_7863edit

Zak and I built the General Store (which is now a sandwich shop in the playroom and can become a lemonade stand, grocery store, or puppet theater) based loosely on this tutorial.  We used a piece of the flooring left over from our Phoenix house and some chalkboard paint to make the sign at the top.  The poles are made of scrap wood we already had in the garage.  Arena's suggestion to use zip ties to connect all of the crates together was GENIUS!


After the girls spent all of their money, we headed downstairs for some singing and cake.  It was SO hot outside that we sang the birthday song, blew out the candles, and then went inside to eat cake sitting on the kitchen floor.


Sidenote: I almost threw this cake out the kitchen window.  I do not enjoy decorating cakes and am not very good at it.  Simply frosting a cake almost sets me over the edge.  All those crumbs that get stuck in the frosting and then I have to try and figure out how to cover up the ugly....  It's a mess.   Thankfully I had some red and pink sprinkles, so I was able to mask some of my mistakes with those.  Then I stuck a dollar store horse in the top along with a little banner.  Bam.  Decorated.   Not Pinterest worthy, but Storey liked it and that's all that really matters.


After eating, we headed back out to the heat to bust open the boot pinata. Somehow this has become a Vermillion birthday party tradition. It didn't stay intact as long as some of the other pinatas we've partied with, but that was okay because that meant less time outside sweating.


Storey loved her party and had so much fun with her little friends. We are so grateful she has them. As for me, I'm excited not to host a birthday party for two more years!


Six year olds being silly


Sarah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her birthday party theme! And good job momma on the decorations & making everything come together! I lack this creativity when it comes to my kids' birthday parties!

Cam said...

This is adorable! I love that she already has her next party theme picked.

Also, I'm relieved to see that there is something you don't do! :) The whole party was awesome, cake included!

Vanessa said...

When we actually start throwing parties for our kids, I will probably be asking you for help. When I read about all the things people do at parties, I don't think I will ever be able to pull off one of those. These pictures are cute, and I wish I could have heard the let it go chior

Jon said...

I think the fact that every kid had the same bingo card is hilarious. That must have been an interesting moment :)

Anne said...

I hope your kids realize what a good Mom you are! Fun pictures, almost like we were there (since we couldn't be).

Jaime said...

Super cute! And personally, I thought that cake was totally Pinterest worthy!

stevenjared0853 said...

Wow, these photos are looking stunning. I am going to host a grand princess themed birthday party for my daughter at one of the prettiest San Francisco venues. We have already booked the spot but we haven’t hired any other party services yet. If you have suggestions for the best party d├ęcor and food services in SF, please let me know.

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