Sunday, July 06, 2014

Not dead

So much has happened since I wrote last--and I will eventually catch up on it because I want to document everything for our annual Blurb book.   We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a cruise, Storey finished up her last year of preschool and had her first dance recital, Jakson earned his Bobcat, and....we bought a house!  And moved!   It's been a little bit crazy to say the least.

We finally have the internet in our new home, so I have no excuse (well, besides time) not to get the posts written.  

Jakson came home from school one day with this new, awesome hat.  He was so proud.  My cute boy.  I just can't believe sometimes how big he has gotten.  Not my little puppy anymore...

Storey informed me that you must have hand sanitizer to "be a lady."   She saved and finally earned enough from chores to be able to buy her very own hand sanitizer.  What a thrill.  Not only did she choose sanitizer at the store, but also a package of travel tissues.    Watch out world.


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