Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eight is Great

Jakson was baptized on May 10th.  He wanted to invite everyone that he'd ever met-all of his therapists, everyone at school, all of the was awesome.  In fact, he invited Great Grandma Blair when we were in Snowflake a couple of months ago and she ended up being able to come, thanks to Grandma Criddle.   Uncle Tyler, Aunt Melissa, and Aunt Megan also flew in for the weekend.   Grandpa and Grandma Vermillion were able to join us via the computer (which was pretty entertaining).  It was a full house!  We were so grateful for the enormous support he received.


For a long time, Jakson was scared to go under the water without goggles on.  Apparently goggles equal invincibility.  I bought some clear goggles but wanted to try and get him to the point where he could be immersed without them (kind of like the least restrictive environment at school).  We brought them as a backup, but Jak was able to get baptized without them, much to the disappointment of several attendees (it really would have been cute).


Storey exclaimed as Jak came out of the water, "Mom, I'm so proud of Jakson." Those two.  Melt my heart. She sang When I Am Baptized and did a fabulous job. She had practiced a lot and remembered all of the things that Sister Cook taught her about Italian vowels in choir.  :)


Piano: Jonathan Criddle (Uncle Jon)
Chorister: Clyde Criddle (Grandpa)

Opening Song: I Love To See The Temple
Opening Prayer: Crystal Criddle (Aunt Crystal)

Baptism Talk: Anne Criddle (Grandma)
Baptism: Zak Vermillion (Dad)
Witnesses: Clyde Criddle (Grandpa) and Tyler Vermillion (Uncle Tyler)

Holy Ghost Talk: Melissa Vermillion (Aunt Melissa)
Special Musical Number: When I Am Baptized sung by Storey Vermillion (sister) and accompanied by Anne Criddle (Grandma)
Confirmation: Zak Vermillion (Dad), Clyde Criddle (Grandpa), Tyler Vermillion (Uncle Tyler), Jonathan Criddle (Uncle Jon), Nate Kolbaba (family friend), Chris Crawford (Bishop)

Welcome To The Ward: Bishop Crawford

Closing Song: Families Can Be Together Forever
Closing Prayer: Bethany Vermillion (Mom)


rawhide said...

I'm just catching up reading your blog. Yeah for Jak getting baptised. He is super cute with Storey!!!

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