Saturday, April 19, 2014

Storey Lately

Storey has a huge personality.  HUGE.   She is loud and asks a million questions and sings all the time and asks a million more questions and wants to be the star of the show all.the.time.  Sometimes it's exhausting.

Which is why she naps every afternoon.

These are some of her shenanigans as of late:
Storey has been watching Zak and I do various exercise videos and decided she wanted to exercise too. So she put on her "sports bra" (which is actually a half tee), Can't exercise without the proper support! 

Last month I found a pair of cowboy boots at a consignment sale. They are about 3 sizes too big but Storey insists on clunking around in them almost every day.   Soon after the purchase came the much anticipated Rodeo Day at school.   This girl was in heaven.  She is really getting into the whole Texas pride thing!

Speaking of Texas, Storey had show and tell at school. Texas themed. Because we are in Texas and Texans are taught to be proud of Texas from a very young age. Storey took a paperweight with the shape of the Great State inside. I asked her what other kids showed. She said one brought a picture of bluebonnets, another one a brochure from Space Center Houston....oh, and then there was the kid that brought beef. BEEF.   I asked her what he said about it and she said, "Oh he hasn't been able to show it yet.  He just put it in his cubbie."   Um....

Storey is obsessed with the Berenstain Bear's books. She is constantly telling me that we need to change things in our home to meet Mama Bear's standards. A few nights ago, Storey sat us all down to review the "Family Politeness Plan" that she, er...Mama Bear, put together. It consisted of many rules and consequences that we have not, in fact, implemented since then.

Aunt Leanna mailed each of the kids a letter. Storey was SO EXCITED to get mail. She sat down right away and replied. And included the seeds from the apple that she had just eaten. Because, why not?

From her most recent class book:


rawhide said...

Storey is awesome. I love little people with big personalities and who are a little sassy! My favorite is the beef for show and tell and her boots. she can rock them!!!! so funny.

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