Monday, March 24, 2014

Road trip (mis)adventures

When I was in college, the idea of a road trip evoked grand plans.  Hours of singing along to great music, few stops, relaxing moments when it wasn't your turn to drive, enthralling conversations, a change of pace....  the journey was almost as great as the destination.

Road tripping with children in tow is an entirely different story.  Unless of course you love to clean barf (or other bodily excrement) from car upholstery, think it's fun to listen to children fight/whine for several hours on end, and enjoy answering the question "are we there yet?" three hundred million times in a 24 hour span.  Not an exaggeration.  I used to think that was a stereotype (how can every child possibly ask the same question??), but no.  It's not.  Absolutely true.  They teach this inside the womb apparently in some sort of "how to totally annoy your parents" pre-birth class. 

Can you tell we just returned from a road trip?  Probably not.  So.....we just returned from a road trip and I will again vow to fly everywhere from now on.  I think I've vowed that several times, but this time I mean it.  AW.FUL.   Between the luggage flying out of the car into the middle of the road as we drove and Zak not even realizing it until I started yelling at him, Storey peeing all over herself, Jakson spilling an entire milkshake in the backseat, the hotel room reserved on Priceline that smelled like it hadn't been cleaned since Reagan was in office (we did not stay), and two nights of driving until 3am (which, of course, the children stayed awake for despite being drugged), I think I may have reached my threshold.

Needless to say, the destination definitely trumped the journey on this one.

Especially since the destination looked like this.   Talk about the opposite of a hectic car ride.

We got to spend time with some of our favorite people.

auntuncle cousin1 cousin2
We spent a couple of relaxing days with my Grandma in Snowflake playing at the park and sitting around the kitchen table, cards in hand. The trip was completely redeemed after our stint with the Norths in Phoenix. We never laugh so hard or eat so good when they aren't around. Come to Texas.

Jak and his "first (and best) friend" Natalie.  These two kill me.  It literally hurts my heart when I watch them play that we don't live nearby.  They just pick up where they left off.  And never notice that they are about a foot in height difference. 

On the trip out to AZ, Jak had been watching a movie for awhile and must have glanced out the window to discover a new terrain he hadn't noticed before.

Jakson: Look at the mountains! Are we in Phoenix???
 Zak: No.
Jakson: We are still in Houston??

Are there only two places in the world? Houston and Phoenix? Apparently we need a few more geography lessons for Family Home Evening.


Vanessa said...

Glad you survived. Flying may present it's own new fun, but at least it would be crammed in a few hours, rather than stretched out over a few days, right?

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