Monday, February 17, 2014

My kid would never....

One of our goals this year was to take a Parenting with Love and Logic class.   I was trained with the Love and Logic method when I was teaching and felt like it would be something beneficial to relearn with Zak to help us out when dealing with the kids.   Mid-January, I got a flier advertising a Love and Logic course from Storey's preschool.  It was fate.   So then I told everyone I knew.  The majority of the people attending are from our ward.  Mormon night at the Methodist Church.  :)

Unfortunately, it's not a miracle class and my parenting has not improved all that much, which means my kids (well, really one kid) haven't stopped screaming... 

Five days after parenting class began:
Storey screamed at me for a good 10 minutes tonight, to which I answered "I know" and "Thanks for sharing" (the "brain dead" answers you are supposed to give when kids are arguing) in a very boring voice.   It didn't work.  I got tired of it after awhile so I dragged her to her room and shut the door.  Still a lot of screaming, but muffled by the door, which was nice. 

Where do they teach that stuff in the class? 

One week after parenting class began:
Storey had been reminded several times to get her lunchbox and a jacket  (do you notice pattern here?  Storey IS the reason for the parenting class.  This girl is a screaming mystery).  She remembered the lunchbox, not the jacket.  Unfortunately we didn't realize this mistake until we were in the car line at school and I wasn't about to turn around and start over again.  Of course, this sent Storey into a screaming fit.  She yelled that "everyone was going to make fun", she was going to "die",  "it's not fair!!" (her favorite),  "all the other moms are nice",  and "please, please, please, please, please, I said PLEASE!!!"  Oh, what fun.

To all of her screams, I replied with my statements again: "I know", "What did I already say?", "I'm sure it is".   I guess I was overusing "I know" because she finally screamed at me, "Quit saying 'I know!!!'  Does that count as a win on my part???

Finally she calmed down a little and I told her that I would be willing to go home and get her jacket if she paid me for my time and gas--to the tune of $2.  Not a big expense to you and me, but when you spend envelope only contains about $2.11, that amount hurts.  She thought about it for a little bit and decided that she could probably survive the taunts of her classmates (though I doubt very much that the other five year olds even notice whether or not she has a coat).    After a few seconds she turned to Jakson and asked if she could wear the extra jacket he had in the car.  He said, "sure" so she wore her brother's large coat to school.  And then wanted to wear it every day after.  

That tactic may have backfired.

Two weeks after parenting class began:
Storey had been told repeatedly to stay in her room and read for quiet time.  After finding her in Jakson's room, she lost the privilege of reading and was supposed to lay silently in her bed.  After breaking that rule, she lost her most precious---Monkey (side note: this is the only punishment we have ever been able to find that actually effects her in any way.  She just doesn't care about anything else).  Losing Monkey is kind of like losing your arm.  Or someone stealing your first born.  It's rough.  Needless to say, she was upset. 

After "naptime" was over, she came in and asked me if she could have Monkey back.  I told her that Monkey was going to sleep with me that night (that nasty thing would actually not be getting anywhere near my bed.  I can't remember the last time it was washed) and she could have it back in the morning.   This was devastating.  She begged and pleaded, but I told her "no means no."  Then she asked if maybe she could earn Monkey.  

Hey, sure.  My toilet needs to be cleaned, the bathtub wiped down, the counter tops scrubbed,  and you can clean the window seat, make my bed, and load the dishwasher.    So she did.  After every job she asked if she could have Monkey back and I told her "I'm still thinking about it" and sent her off to do the next chore.  A chore that I then did not have to do.     

I could get used to this (and lest you think I'm the wicked stepmother, I did give her Monkey back...eventually). 

Obviously this parenting class has made us all better people....


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