Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow day, sew day

Teaching children to sew is an exercise in patience.   If you are tempted to try it, wait until you've had plenty of rest and are feeling extremely calm.  Take it from me.

Jakson went back to school before Storey after Christmas break, so I decided rather than spend the day watching TV (what she wanted to do), we'd have a little sewing lesson.  The kids have assisted at the sewing machine before but haven't ever worked on any projects by themselves.  I found some fabulous practice tutorials/printables online and we went to work. 

Storey was very proud to finish her first handmade gift----bookmarks for Grandma's birthday!

Jakson wanted to get in on the action.  He ended up making a bookmark as well.

Storey went through piles of scraps, trying to decide which fabrics to use for more bookmarks. Due to my fabric habit, she had many to choose from.

The kids have had so much fun sewing that they want to start a shop like Mommy.  We'll definitely need to practice a bit more before that happens, but I love the idea.    They can earn a little money for college and mission savings and they will gain a skill in the process.  I'm excited.  Not sure how well the bookmarks will actually sell, but excited nonetheless.


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