Monday, January 06, 2014


Aunt Megan, Uncle Kiefer, and Uncle Tyler came to Houston for Christmas.  Every time we have out of town visitors, we take them to Brazos Bend (aka The Alligator Park). Tyler was very concerned that the alligators were going to attack him. So, I taught him to run serpentine. Because I'm an amazing sister in law. Tyler is eternally grateful to me for saving his life.
 If not, he should be.

 Proof that we ventured into the realm of the alligators and survived:

Storey wanted to know if we could take one of the snakes home from the visitor's center for a pet. The one they had out to meet was a non-venomous snake, but the other choices were a copperhead, cottonmouth, and rattlesnake. Not pet candidates.

We also took a trip up to Brenham to experience the Blue Bell ice cream factory.  It was a delicious field trip.  Aunt Leanna and Grandma Criddle joined us as well.  Afterwards we ate lunch at the local airport diner and watched the airplanes fly in and out.

Aunt and uncles also played about 400 rounds of Uno Attack (the fan favorite Christmas gift), sampled fudge and jerky at Bucee's (although I still don't understand Texans' fascination with that gas station), laughed at Zak pathetically attempting to beat a level on Super Mario, performed a couple of interpretative dances, had a headstand contest, taught the kids to put hashtags before every single phrase (#hashtagsarenowbanned), almost killed themselves jumping out of swings, and gave a lot of extra attention to the kids.   So much in fact that Storey hasn't been the same since they left.   The whininess is almost unbearable.

Storey and Megan also entertained us nightly with a princess story complete with slideshow and dressups (Storey dressed up, not Megan).  It's a party over here.


Megan said...

I love the title of this post. Serpentine and hashtags were basically the theme of our Christmas trip. Can you email me the group pictures you posted? I want to print them out and hang them in our apartment. #downtownhoustonrocks

Mary Kay said...

I hope you ask me and Connor to babysit soon, because we LOVE to play UNO! :)

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