Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Annual Christmas Present Post

Both kids got a lot of great gifts this year.   I know because I was the one that shopped for most of them. Ha.

I have always sworn that we would never get any kind of game console (we are a "book family," something that Jakson has often lamented).   After the realization that I want to be able to monitor the games Jak plays, as opposed to him encountering things we don't approve at a neighbor's, and some discussions with his therapists, we decided to get a Wii.  The fact that it was free from Aunt Megan and Uncle Kiefer (in exchange, we bought them dinner), also helped to sway me.

On Christmas morning, we waited until all of the other presents were open to bring out the Wii, sure that everything else would be forgotten. Armed with video cameras, we had the kids rip the wrapping off the box, but their reaction was surprisingly anticlimactic. It was so boring, I'm not even going to post it here.

And then we played Uno Attack four hundred times.

Storey's picture is always very pink.


Megan said...

Most anticlimactic event of 2013!! Haha. But best part about Christmas with the Vermillions was definitely the exchange of a Wii for food. I am still dreaming about Pappadeux's and Torchy's Tacos. Yum!

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