Thursday, December 19, 2013


Lots has happened this past month.  Well, really only one thing, but it was big enough to make it feel like lots has happened.  Zak quit his job, took a new job, and is now working from home. 

This job change has been a long time coming, though we didn't know it.   Back in March, Zak received a couple of job offers at other firms in Houston, but none of them seemed like the right thing.  He also got a call from a guy that he'd worked with on a project that owned his own consulting firm that wanted to hire him.  But the job was in Austin and with Jakson's school, it just was not an option for us. 

In the middle of the summer, the guy called again and wanted to know if Zak would be willing to travel a couple days a week to Austin for work.  Again, Zak turned him down.   The salary would be higher, but our family is more about time together than money.

While we were at Disney World, he called again and asked if Zak would be willing to meet with him just to discuss the opportunity.  Zak agreed (who turns down a free lunch??), but went only half hearted, ready to turn him down.    Instead, he came back from the lunch with a big question mark.   The job had been turned into an opportunity to stay in Houston indefinitely, work from home, get paid more, and would be a large promotion.  After a couple weeks of prayer and discussion, we decided to move forward with the new job. 

Because of the way insurance is structured for small companies, we had thought that Jakson's therapy might actually be covered, but weren't positive.  Zak took the job anyway, feeling that it was the way the Lord was leading us, and we were almost immediately blessed with the paperwork indicating that his therapy would indeed be covered.  A miracle. 

It's been three weeks since he's started working at home and I love it (I'm pretty sure he does too, though I've been sick for the past two days, so he's been taking over school drop off duty, which I'm sure is not his favorite).  His commute has gone from 1 hour each way to nothing and I just love having him around.   I haven't been home a ton (I've been volunteering a lot at Scholastic and had a couple of daytime photo shoots), but so far it's been an easy transition.  We will eventually need a house with an office since we currently have dueling desks in our master bedroom and it will be difficult for him to work when the kids are home (especially over the summer). 

Last weekend we had the first annual Christmas office dinner.  It was seven people (5 employees, 2 spouses) sitting around a table, just talking and laughing.  Afterwards, I felt quite overwhelmed with how lucky we are to have been given this opportunity.   Not many people get to sit down with the owner of the company and have dinner (ahem...have HIM pay for dinner).  Or give input to where they want to move or how often they want to travel.   Because Zak is the only other engineer at the company, there is amazing potential for growth as well.  Beyond what he ever could have had at a large firm.

It's another testament to me how well the Lord knows us and what is best.  Back in March, one of the job offers came with a very hefty pay raise but would have increased Zak's commute each way by more than an hour.  At first, we felt a little foolish for turning it down, but now we can see all of the pieces coming together.  That would have been good (well, the money part), but this is far better than anything we would have imagined for ourselves.


*katie said...

So incredibly wonderful! What a great change for you and your family!!

Shenna said...

What a huge blessing! I'm so excited that you guys have this opportunity!

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