Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful Thirty: Days Seven To Ten

It's really too bad that writing thankful posts on a daily basis falls in the same month as roughly FORTY photo sessions.  Which explains why I've missed so many days---my life is consumed with editing.

Large kitchen table
This may seem like a strange thing to be grateful for, but when you host people for dinner at least twice a week, it becomes one of the most important furniture pieces in the house.  The fact that we only paid $25 for it at D.I. about 4 years ago, makes that table that much more awesome.  And it's two large leaves.  Now we just need a bigger kitchen so when we have 8 people over for dinner, we are not so cramped!

Hank the Cowdog
As a kid, we would listen to the audio books on trips, but it wasn't until we moved to Houston that I rediscovered the magical powers of Hank.  Especially since we are in the car together for a couple of hours each day, driving to and from various schools and sitting in drop off/pick up lines.  It keeps the screaming (Storey), endless talking nonsense (also Storey), and fighting (Jakson when he's fed up with all of the screaming/talking) to a minimum.  Basically, Hank has saved my sanity.  And I think the books are pretty funny too!

Storey's sense of style
On Wednesday, Storey went to school wearing a dress I made her when she was 18 months (I have no idea where she found it, as all small clothes are packed away) with a Half-Tee underneath, a pair of cargo pants, a hot pink skirt over that, and a zip up hoodie.  It was a battle that I didn't feel like taking on.    She went to school looking homeless.  Or like she didn't want to pay for extra baggage on Spirit Airlines so she just wore everything at once.  Unfortunately, she changed into pajamas as soon as she walked in the door (a trait she's learned from me, I suppose), before I could snap a picture.  Conjure the image up in your head and it will probably be pretty accurate.

Online shopping
I do not like to shop.  Even more so now that I have children.  So when I can finish all of my Christmas shopping online, have it shipped straight to my door, and spend well below our allotted budget, I'm a happy woman.  What did mothers do when they used to have to actually GO to the store to buy presents for Christmas????  Ugh.


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