Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Thankful Thirty: Day Five and Six

That our house is small and easy to clean.
We had the last minute opportunity to host a class for Blue Lily at our house. Thank goodness for small houses that stay relatively picked up and are quickly made company ready!  Zak was able to take the class (for free!)--he joked that he's already booked his first client for next weekend.  

My kids are funny.
On the car ride to the airport in Orlando, Zak and I were discussing the differences between Disney World and Disneyland.  Because I'm ridiculous, I launched into a diatribe comparing Disneyland to Thoroughly Modern Mille and Disney World to Wicked---Wicked is a huge production and while Thoroughly Modern Millie is on a smaller scale, there are wonderful things about both.   That's the short version. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks later during a meeting with Jakson's therapist.  She tells me that she asked him which park he liked the best after he got back, at which point he launched into a long and drawn out comparison to the parks and Thoroughly Modern Millie/Wicked.   She thought it was so hilarious that she went and got all of the other therapists and told them to go ask him the same question.  

Although he doesn't listen to me when I ask him to put on his shoes for the millionth time, apparently  he listens to random conversations not directed at him well enough to then repeat them back word for word. 


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