Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Disney World Day One

We arrived in Orlando on Saturday safely.  And that's about all I'm going to say about that because that was the highlight.  The kids were beside themselves with exhaustion and I was extremely frustrated.  No one was at their best.  Safe arrival.  Check.

Sunday we headed to Hollywood Studios bright and early.  Of course, I had a written schedule and as per tradition, first on the list was Toy Story Mania.  Even though we got there early, it was still about a 30 minute line.  Thankfully, that was about the longest line we waited in the whole trip.  We had the smarts to get a Fastpass before we got into line for later in the day because by the time we got off the ride, there were no Fastpasses left.   We ended up going on Toy Story Mania three times that day.  It's one of the best.  We decided that although the ride itself is the same as Disneyland, the decor of the waiting/queuing area is much better at WDW. 

During the Studio Backlot Tour, Zak spotted the Flight of the Navigator. He took about 10 pictures of it to show his siblings (I didn't find it quite as thrilling so only posted one. He'll eventually forgive me). It was possibly the highlight of his entire trip. Anything to "one up" his sisters.


Jakson's favorites of the day were Toy Story Mania and the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show.  You can't tell, but he was very excited about the show starting.  When he gets nervous about new things, he tends to lose all personality.  It's funny.
Storey's favorite was The Great Movie Ride (so random).  Zak's favorite was finding the Flight of the Navigator (not really a ride...).  My favorite was Toy Story Mania, mainly trying to figure out how to get a higher score and beat Zak.  Which didn't happen.
Hollywood Studios was our first real experience with the counter service dining plan.  It was then that we realized how much dang food we were going to be getting throughout the week.   We had a great lunch at Studio Catering Co but it came with an entree, side, and dessert.  Thank goodness for the little cooler attached to our stroller.  We packed up half of the food to snack on later.  For dinner we went to Pizza Planet.  Unfortunately it was a total letdown and super noisy inside.  You live, you learn.

Riding the Star Wars thingies (technical name) outside of the Star Wars shaky ride.  Which always makes me a little queasy.

Jakson was so brave this trip.  Even though he was worried about going on Rockin' Roller Coaster (the biggest roller coaster at WDW-goes upside down), he went with Zak anyway.  I was very very proud.  We've come so far from two years ago.  We've even come far since our trip to Disneyland back in February.  It's amazing the strides he's made in conquering his anxiety.  He told me after riding that was quite nervous and didn't want to do it again, but I don't care if he ever does it again because he TRIED IT ONCE!  Huge step.

 After watching Illuminations, we headed over to Magic Kingdom for the Magic Evening Hours (park open until 1am).  I wasn't sure how the kids would be since it was WAY past their normal bedtime, but going to Magic Evening late was one of the highlights of our trip.  We walked onto every ride, rode Barnstormer (the kids LOVE this ride) three times in a row, and had the park practically to ourselves.  It was amazing.  And I should not have worried for a second how the kids would act because they were perfect.

IMG_1076edit hollywood5


Megan said...

Jealous!!! I am so jealous. I am so sad that we couldn't come and love looking at all the pictures. So glad the kids were so good the first day and so happy that Jak was such a rock star on conquering his anxiety!!

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