Friday, September 20, 2013

Mission Impossible Date

I was perusing blogs several months ago and found this post about a Mission Impossible party from Janssen at Everyday Reading.  I bookmarked the page but didn't think seriously about it until a few weeks ago when Zak and I decided to put together a creative date.  We used her original framework, but changed it up to fit our location and group.   It was a lot of work and I definitely wouldn't do it every weekend, but it was worth all of the effort.   Everyone had a good time (and dare I say, it made me feel younger!).

About three weeks before, we sent out coded invitations by email.  We figured that all of the couples we were inviting had Books of Mormon in their homes, so based the code off of that (This idea came from an episode of BBC's Sherlock Holmes.  Watch it if you haven't). 

Thankfully, all of the couples RSVP'd yes and none of them wrote back to tell us how lame we were. 

We met at a local Thai restaurant (from the code on the invitation), had dinner, and then divided into four pre-assigned groups (two couples in each group).  They were each given one large manila envelope with instructions (see them here), and a clue inside.  The groups had to find 4 clues total AND try to finish as many of the extra missions included in their envelopes (worth points) in the 90 allotted minutes. 

I didn't take pictures of all of the clues (though I should have), but each group got a photo puzzle clue, a word scramble clue, a picture clue, and a coded clue (with a decoder).  This website was really helpful when creating clues. 

In case you are interested in the clues.
  • The photo puzzle was a photograph that I took of a local landmark, circled the area the clue would be found with a marker,  and then cut up into a bunch of small pieces and stuck in an envelope.  The group had to put the puzzle together and then find the clue in the circled area.  For example, one was a local park with a water tower they would recognize.  I circled an area of trees in the park so they would know to look for the clue there.
  • The word scramble clue was made with this website.
  • Each group got one coded clue that was a book title.  They all started with the same phrase, "You're right on TARGET" so that the group would know to head over to Target, find the book, and find their next clue.
  • The last clue for each group was the same and led them to the final meeting point for frozen yogurt. 
I asked one of the other couples that was going on the date if they could make some of the clues so that we could have clues and a route that we hadn't made ourselves.  It worked out perfectly and she did an awesome job.

Also in their packets, each team got a list of extra missions to complete.  You can see my version here.  Some of these were lifted straight from Janssen's list and some were added by us. 

One of the extra missions was to leave the pictured ransom envelope on the front step of someone from our congregation, ring the door, and run.  A group decided to leave it at my parent's house, which was down the street from one of their clues.  The next day my mom brought a stuffed cat to church and gave it to them.  Ha!

Some of the pictures of the extra missions.  I love these people.

I find planking ridiculously hilarious.

At the end, we all got together for frozen yogurt, swapped stories from the night, and added up our points.  The winning team had been promised an amazing prize and boy, did they get it. 

Behold!  The Top Dog Award!

The rule is that the winners have to prominently display their award in their homes.  I mean, they're so beautiful, why wouldn't you want to??? 


Janssen said...

This is so fantastic! Well played.

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