Thursday, September 05, 2013

Haircuts around here

We've come a long way from the screaming, crying, throwing heads against the wall, meltdown haircuts.  They still aren't much fun, but at least it doesn't take three people and a straight jacket to execute.  Zak uses a calming/sensory brush throughout the majority of the haircut and Jakson is allowed a new game on the iPod (bribery is an eternal principle, according to my mother in law). 

Unfortunately, they still aren't completely scream free.  Anytime a small piece of hair touches Jak, he acts as if fire is burning his skin.  During his last haircut, Zak came up with an idea to create a cape that wraps around Jak's entire face and billows out over his body.  We made a prototype to try it out with a fitted sheet and some clothespins.  Very technical.  What you can't see is that he was able to play his game underneath the sheet the whole time.   It looks a little crazy but worked great!



Maren said...

We just found out a month or so ago that Sammy has some Sensory Processing issues. He's not on the spectrum, but he's very sensory seeking. We just started working with an occupational therapist and are very interested in the Wilbarger Brushing Method - so I was very interested to see that you use the brushing with Jak. Sounds like it helps him - that's great news! And the drape is a great idea, too. We're just getting into a bunch of the things that help with sensory issues. I wish more people knew about it - the past two years could've been a lot easier if I had had some of the tools I have now to help calm my wild child.

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