Sunday, August 25, 2013



As a very expensive experiment, we took the kids to see Wicked while it was in town.   They knew all of the music and sang it all the time (yes, even Jakson) so I was pretty certain that they would enjoy the play.  We've taken them to local productions and knew that they could sit through an entire show, but with kids you just never know.  Mainly I was worried that Storey was going to start singing (at the top of her lungs) along with the actors.  We had a long talk about appropriate behavior at the theater: don't sing, don't kick people sitting in front of us, etc.  I prepped Jakson for the noise by turning the Wicked soundtrack up in the car several times to about the volume I figured the orchestra would be playing.  

In the end, it all paid off.  The kids did fantastic and we had a fabulous time (despite Jakson's face in the pictures.  He's not a big fan of posing for photos).   The first chord before the curtain opened startled them a little but they were able to recover quickly and the noise didn't seem to bother Jak at all.  Glad my kids are learning at a young age how wonderful musicals are!! 


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