Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not So Crazy Hair Day

We are finally celebrating the first day of summer break around here.  I am relieved for the simple fact that I am tired of driving two hours to/from school every day while everyone else talks (um, brags) about planless days swimming at the pool. 

To commemorate the day, Jakson's school told all of the kids to come with crazy hair.  This is somewhat amusing to me.  If any of his classmates are like Jakson, the idea of crazy hair is really.....well, out there.  It's truly insane.  I was interested how he would react to the concept.  Not surprisingly, he wasn't too keen on it.  Sure, he would look at the pictures on Pinterest of other kids with blue hair and surfers glued to their head or polka dots, but to actually do that himself?  No way.  Absolutely refused to have anything to do with anything as "crazy" as crazy hair day.

As we were pulling out of the driveway this morning, all of a sudden Jak began yelling about crazy hair day.  I parked the car and brought him into the house where he informed me that he was going to participate.  I was instructed to spike up his hair.   As I was wetting and spraying, he was staring at himself in the mirror, laughing hysterically. 

Because that's totally crazy and no boys ever wear their hair spiked up.  Right???? 


So Jakson went to school today looking like a perfectly normal little boy....but just enough different to be CRAZY. 

Oh autism, you make me laugh.


Leanna said...

lookin' good

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