Thursday, June 06, 2013

Little Dancer

Storey has been begging to take dance lessons for at least a year.  Finally, in January we were able to find her a school without a recital on a Sunday with open spaces.  She was in heaven.  In fact, watching her in class was hilarious because she was SO serious.  The other girls would mess around and not pay attention, but Storey was fully engaged all the time.  If the teacher was working with another student, she was standing in first position, politely waiting for her turn.

Why is this something I could not translate into using at home?

Her much anticipated recital was last weekend. On a stage AND people watching her AND ballet AND wearing off limits makeup (lipstick) rolled into one event?!?!? Dreams do come true.
I'm sure that every mother feels this way, but she was the cutest one up there.  It's adorable that she does some of her ballet moves (no idea the technical terms) backwards.


Megan said...

Hahaha. Hilarious cheesy photos. Next time we video chat, she needed to shows off some of those awesome dance moves to Kiefer and I!

rawhide said...

so cute!!!! ha ha. I love that you got a girly girl who loves pink and ballet and the works.

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