Monday, June 10, 2013

A momentous occasion

Zak and I have been working very hard for several years to get ourselves where we want to be financially.  Secure, debt free, on track for retirement---we've basically been following the steps set out by Dave Ramsey.  The end of last year we became debt free, which was a huge accomplishment and since then we've been working on our 6 month emergency fund.  I can't begin to tell you what a relief it is to have money set aside in case of (heaven forbid) another layoff.

Despite several car repair setbacks (to the tune of $2000) and medical expenses, it only took us about 6 months to save the money.  Today we finished up our emergency fund and transferred it all into one account.   High fives all around.

Next on our goal sheet is a new car for Zak.  And when I say NEW, I mean new to us.  Currently Zak is driving a sweet '92 Accord that has seen better days.  Hey, it's better than the $900 Accord he was driving in Utah (though it had rad flip up headlights).  All about perspective.   The goal for that was originally mid-September, but since we finished 2 weeks early, it may be sooner.

This is the kind of thing we get excited about around our house.

Oh, and the fact that we are saving for Disney AGAIN.  Two trips in one year.  Crazy.  Will we be able to collect enough trash to pay for the WHOLE trip?!?!  Zak (always the skeptical one) says no, but I say yes!    The suspense....


Megan said...

Congrats!! That is a pretty awesome accomplishment. Too bad we can't go to Disney with you this time. Forget Zak, you are so amazing that I know you can pay for everything with your trash fund.

jaacs said...

That is amazing! I bet you will reach both goals and the "trash" will bankroll the whole trip. Our plans to pay things off has been delayed until fall with Furloughs starting in a few weeks and going until the end of September. Grr! Anyway, it is inspiring to read about other people reaching their goal. That must feel so great! :)

Cerise Wade said...

Way to go! That is an awesome accomplishment. I bet you can reach your goal with your trash fund!
We've been working at saving and paying off the remainder of our debt at the same time....which is a headache, but has to be done. Would be much easier to focus on one or the other.

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