Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Best Trip Ever: Part Four

The guys started out our third day with a little game called "Count the Women Wearing Workout Clothes to Disney."  For some reason they found it fascinating that so many vacationers chose to wear Spandex to the parks.  Fortunately (unfortunately?) they got to about 50 in the first couple of hours and decided it was too much effort.   Their point was made: a large percentage of people prefer to look like they just came from the gym.  Though the irony of the clothing choices and the fact that most of them were eating large pretzels filled with cream cheese or turkey legs the size of a small country was not lost on me. 

While they spent their time counting, I was doing something exponentially more productive---figuring out how Storey was going to see the princesses without a complete meltdown from her big brother.  Once again this year I turned to Guest Services for a solution.  I explained our situation and  asked if there was a place inside the park that we could just "run into" one of the princesses in a more informal setting.  Because Disney is incredible, they went one step beyond my request, had us escorted out to the princess meet and greet, stopped the entire line, and had Storey walk through, meeting several princesses along the way.  So fantastic.  If only every company had customer service like Disney.


It's not hard to guess which princess is Storey's favorite.  So much pink everywhere!!!

The cast member that helped us out with the princesses also asked Jakson what he liked best at Disneyland.  He told her the Buzz Lightyear ride.  So she gave us a pass to go to the front of the line.  She also gave us some tips to get higher scores on Buzz and on Toy Story Mania.  So, of course, we rode those two rides next.  And bragged to each other about our shooting skills.

These guys are very serious about winning.


Speaking of favorites, at breakfast we had gone around the table and each picked two rides that we wanted to go on for our final day.  It's a time honored Disney tradition to do this the last day of the trip.  Then we filled in the gaps with rides we hadn't been on yet (there were very few) like the Jungle Cruise.

Kiefer: Space Mountain, Tower of Terror
Megan: Splash Mountain, Toy Story Mania
Zak: Radiator Springs
Storey: Pirates of the Caribbean, Ariel
Beth: Toy Story Mania, Buzz Lightyear
Jakson: Toy Story Mania, Buzz Lightyear

Storey agreed to ride Splash Mountain again as long as she didn't ride in the front.  No one else from our group wanted to suffer Storey's earlier fate either, but some random lady decided to take one for the team.  She got soaked.

We rounded out the afternoon with a couple of character meet and greets.  Jakson suddenly decided that since it was the last day, he wanted to meet some of them.  We just never know what to expect.


Sadly, in the late afternoon, Megan and Kiefer had to leave us to drive back to Vegas for work the next day.  Bust.  But we didn't shed any tears because we knew that two days later, we would be seeing them again in Phoenix! 


rawhide said...

I love the last picture! so much disney fun for you guys.

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